Welcome to The Winning Edge Magazine, your Total Motorsports Publication. “The Winning Edge” Magazine is a cutting edge publication keeping up on technology that still believes in old-fashioned values such as loyalty. Support those that support you has and continues to be a deep held belief. The Winning Edge covers all aspects of the sport of snowmobiling and snowmobile competition both on and off the track.  The magazine has expanded into summer motor-sports maintaining a focus on products produced by the snowmobile industry.

In addition The winning edge also offers professional design services at discount rates to our advertisers with items such as event fliers, postcards, posters and more.

The Winning Edge Magazine led the way offering digital versions of their magazine in 2007. In the Spring of 2009 The Winning Edge switched to an all-digital format to compete with the ever-changing hi-tech world. Circulation has grown from 15-20,000 to over 80,000 monthly downloads. The Winning Edge  remains a magazine that offers more content and added bonuses than any other publication on the market with with features such as videos and click and go ads.

The Winning Edge Magazine has been honored with a Media Eagle Award presented by the Eagle River World’s Championship Derby. The Michigan Motor-Sports Hall of Fame honored them with the Mick Schuler Media Award.

After 36 plus years in the publishing industry Steve and Sherry are still top contenders in the publishing industry. They also remain the key people in the development of the Winning Edge having never left its side since it’s conception.

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Volume 28 No 6 The Winning Edge Magazine
International Engineering - Woodys Traction