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stevePublisher Steve Landon has been active in snowmobiling since 1970 when his family purchased       his first snowmobile at the age of 12, a 1971 Yamaha SL338B. In addition to snowmobiling Steve has been a boater, ATV rider, hunter who truly loves the outdoors.

Steve’s love for snowmobile racing developed while attending a local race back in the early 1970’s. Hooked on the sport he set his goal on attending the Soo I-500. While standing on the hillside watching the race in 1975 he realized the press had it pretty good, it was at that moment he decided to become a member of the snowmobile racing media – through the years Steve has also maintained a historical and pictorial archive of events he has covered – the rest is history. Since those early days Steve has written for several publications. Many of his photos have appeared on ads, posters, fliers and numerous promotions.

Back in the late 70’s it was not uncommon to see guys involved in the sport bring several different girlfriends to the races – the old saying used to be if you could get a girl to attend more than one race – you better marry her.

In 1980 Steve’s girlfriend Sherry attend the Alpena Thunder Bay 250, her first race and the Soo I-500. In July of that year Steve and Sherry were married. During those early years Sherry would take Steve’s notes while watching the race from the press box, she also tagged along toting his camera bag while he headed to some remote area of the track to take pictures.


sherryGraphic Designer Sherry Landon never had plans to go into publishing; however, today she handles everything from billing to digital design, setting up the entire magazine. She also works part time for 2 local newspapers as a graphic designer. She is the designer of the 50th Anniversary Eagle River Derby collectors book. Sherry has won many local design awards and recently graduated from MMCC with high honors and special recognition in Visual Arts earning degrees in Sociology, Graphic Design and Visual Arts. Currently Sherry is attending Central Michigan University pursuing a bachelors degree.

Many of Sherry’s designs have been used on posters, fliers and ads outside The Winning Edge Magazine. She also tolerates Steve’s growing vintage snowmobile and memorabilia collection that tends to focus on Bob Bracey built products like the Raider, Manta and Trail Roamer snowmobiles as well as Soo I-500, enduro and oval racing memorabilia.

sethSon Seth, an Alaskan resident is a budding video photographer/editor who produces select highlight videos for The Winning Edge Magazine. He also volunteers time to do videography at various summer camps in Alaska.

Some of Seth’s video work from the Soo I-500 was featured on the Weather Channel for Cantorie Stories, Ice Adventures. When not shooting video Seth can be found working on the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay. Seth is married to Karissa (Sampson) Landon from Anchorage Alaska.

The Crew, Steve, Sherry and Seth have been active with the Soo I-500 Snowmobile race, Eagle River World Championship, Marion Snowfest and the A-1 Swap & Show. Together they have written books on the I-500 and have directed the “Memories at the Mile” Vintage Snowmobile Show during the Soo I-500, for many years.


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