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May 25, 2014 3:05 am



Neil DeesNeil is currently coming into his fifth year of racing at the young age
of eight. He enjoys all the typical little boys things, in the winter,
he is focused on Snocross racing.

He lives and plays in northern Wisconsin, where winter sports top the
charts for things to do in a small town.

Neil competed in his first race at 3 years old in Winter, Wisconsin and
from there on out, he couldn’t be stopped. He has raced a full season
each year since he began, competing in both Wisconsin and Minnesota
circuits. He has accomplished a great deal in the past few years,
including a couple points championships and a win at the Eagle River
World Championship Derby. He loves the sport so much his dream career is
to be a pro rider on the ISOC tour and race at the X Games some day.

During the off-season he stays in shape by riding his four-wheeler,
swimming, and running. He loves to spend his time outdoors hiking in the
woods, camping, jet skiing, and practicing archery and target shooting.
This school year, he also became involved with Cub Scouts, hoping to one
day make the ranks as an Eagle Scout.

May 19, 2014 3:57 am

Four Podiums and Nine Top-Five Finishes Gives Yamaha Hill Climbers Best Weekend of the Season


Four Podiums and Nine Top-Five Finishes Gives Yamaha Hill Climbers Best Weekend of the Season

Pleasant Prairie, WI – After a huge statement victory at the World Championship Hill Climb in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Yamaha hillclimb racers asserted their top-of-the-mountain performance with an impressive collection of podiums and top-ten results at the Ultimate Snowmobiler competition in Crested Butte, Colorado.

As the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association (RMSHA) season heads into the home stretch, the momentum and podium finishes for Yamaha racers and the new SR Viper M-TX continues to gain speed and credence.

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May 18, 2014 4:17 pm

Polaris Hillclimbers Dominate at Crested Butte, Winning 9 of 12 Pro Classes and All Three Pro King of the Hill Crowns

Keith b

Polaris Hillclimbers Dominate at Crested Butte, Winning 9 of 12 Pro Classes and All Three Pro King of the Hill Crowns

MEDINA, Minn. (April 14, 2014) – Polaris Terrain Domination® on the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb circuit continued at the Crested Butte (CO) Hillclimb on April 12-13, as Polaris hillclimbers won nine of 12 Pro classes – including all four Pro Stock classes – won all three Pro King of the Hill titles, won every Semi-Pro and Amateur class, and swept every podium position in three Semi-Pro classes.

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May 18, 2014 3:34 pm

Bunke Racing Wraps Up Best Racing Season To Date

Moorhead, Minn. (April 17th, 2014) – The 2013-2014 season not only marked the third straight win for Bunke Racing in the grueling Soo I-500, it also was the 5th time Gabe Bunke has won the race making him one of only two riders to win it five or more times. For most race teams this feat alone would make for a successful season, but for Bunke Racing it was merely the high water mark in what was perhaps the best and most accomplished season to date for the Polaris-backed cross-country and enduro team.
Without doubt, the Soo I-500 is one of Bunke Racing’s biggest targets each season. The 2014 race was the second year in a row Bunke Racing’s AutoLite-sponsored snowmobiles took the Top 2 spots at the race with the No. 537 sled ridden by Ryan and Travis Faust and Spencer Kadlec backing up the winning No. 74 sled ridden by Gabe Bunke and Aaron Christensen. This second straight 1-2 finish combined with the third straight win makes Bunke Racing the modern kings of this prestigious race.


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