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March 27, 2017 1:39 pm

Winter Or Spring? Changing Temperatures Cause Difficult Transition

This year’s fluctuating winter temperatures confused and concerned people in a multitude of industries. Early thaws in February followed by heavy snowfall in March, baffled farmers, environmental scientists, and beekeepers. On a leisure level, however, winter sports enthusiasts also felt the climate’s impact and are experiencing a more difficult seasonal transition.

From Maine to Michigan, winter sports facilities were feeling this winter’s impacts. In Maine, snowmobilers experienced icy trails because of warm rain followed by freezing temperatures, according to WCSH6, the region’s NBC affiliate. In Michigan, the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex opened its doors only to close them again due to rain and warm temperatures the following day, Michigan Live reports.

“It’s been a roller coaster for us this year,” Bill Baily, the manager Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, said in a statement to Michigan Live. “We haven’t seen a detrimental effect yet because it hasn’t been totally warm yet and we had quite a few cold days, which got a lot of people out here.”

While “biological spring” arrived early, causing plants in a large region of the United States to begin their spring rhythms early, winter athletes may not be ready to do so. Including changes in athletic activities is perhaps the most difficult part of spring remodeling for snowboarders, ice skaters, skiers, and snowmobilers. While 78% of people choose to remodel their bathroom, and 35% take the leap to remodel their whole home, some people make the effort to remodel their winter sport habits and facilities.

An ice arena in Michigan is doing just that. The Hasting Star Gazette reports that the Hastings Civic Arena in Hastings, Michigan is carrying out its spring routine of turning one of the arena’s rinks into an artificial turf athletic field. The multi-day process involves removing the ice, cleaning the rink, and rolling out large rolls of artificial turf. Once the rink is converted, it will be used for activities such as soccer camps, craft shows, and semi-professional lacrosse, according to the Hastings Star Gazette.

While it has been made challenging with constant fluctuation in temperatures, the actual onset of Spring, and the time for spring sports renovation, is just about here.


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