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July 21, 2014 6:10 pm

Yamaha announces support for 2015 USXC I-500 Winnipeg to Willmar race

Pleasant Prairie, WI—Yamaha announced a new contingency program today, aimed at supporting the everyday snowmobiler who wants to make a run at the USXC I-500 race from Winnipeg, MB, to Willmar, MN. “We love cross country because it’s the most relatable type of racing for fans,” said Yamaha Snowmobile Marketing Manager, Wade West. “It is also the most achievable for a snowmobiler to try with their own trail sled.

“The USXC’s plan for the 2015 International 500-mile race brings back one of the heritage events of our sport and we want to support the revival of that tradition,” West continued. “So we are proud to offer a contingency prize to any Yamaha snowmobiler— We will pay back the entry fee for any officially registered rider in the USXC I-500 who starts in Winnipeg and finishes in Willmar on a Yamaha snowmobile!”

The support program is open to any entrant to the race, regardless of class or level. “We sincerely hope to see a large field of citizen racers challenging themselves and their snowmobiles at this event,” said West. “Cross country snowmobile racing is growing in popularity, and we are happy to encourage our customers to give it a try by offering this contingency program.”

“Yamaha builds durable, high performance snowmobiles,” West added. “Especially the new SR Viper R-TX LE with its beefy Dual Shock SR 129 Race rear suspension and high performance shock package.” The R-TX LE is available only by placing a $500 deposit at a Yamaha Snowmobile Dealer during the Spring Power Surge promotion, which ends on April 15, 2014.

Check for additional information later this spring!


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